My Experience Voting in London

Good day, my name is Sita, this is my first time in London. Me & my family were planning to spend my 2 months of vacation exploring London between end of March to first of August. We have a really great time here in London, transportation here is real easy for foreigner. We get to understand the whole transportation system in London at a quick glance without getting lost. What’s best, London have many great tourist destinations, along with many history. People from KBRI were very kind to help me show around & visit so many interesting places which make London truly special, like Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, along with many other places in London.

I am very fortunate to be able to spend vacation here due to my uncle & aunt invitation. Visiting London is one of those unforgettable experience. I really appreciate my time here. Among all these unforgettable experience, there is one experience the most unique and really unusual, that is… voting for our next Indonesia president in London! Seriously, something like voting for our president outside of your own country does not happen like every year. I did not anticipated that at all, because it does not cross my mind that we could vote in London. Or that we can have our right to vote in London, since we are just tourists, not a permanent residence. But this year voting condition makes it real easy for everybody to play a part in Pemilu, allowing anybody with a citizenship of Indonesia in United Kingdom to vote, including tourists. All we have to do is bring an id or passport that we are a citizenship of Indonesia ….and, voila! We have our right to vote! Of course our family were more than delighted with this.

Not wasting time, on the awaited voting day we went to KBRI London the following morning and have our vote in the Pemilu. The line was not long, and I find voting for president procedure is real easy than voting for DPD & DPRD members. The result was very quick to come out, by the next morning we can view the whole result of U.K. Pemilu quick count, which is amongst the earliest to publish in Pemilu website.

Me & my family would like to thank you to all KBRI’s Pemilu staff for allowing us to vote for our president. We really appreciate the time and effort spent to make voting for Indonesia president possible and easy to access for us tourists and Indonesia citizens in U.K.,
thank you very much.

By : Dania Sita Dewi, tourists


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