Effective Communication in Teamwork

It goes without saying that communications  is a vital factor of interpersonal interaction and the term of “teamwork” represents interpersonal interaction.

One of the key aspects of effective teamwork is an open communication wherein it enables the members of the team to articulate their feelings, express their plans, share their ideas, and understand each other view points.  Grappling and sorting out the complexities involved in communication as thus one of the challenge of developing and sustaining effective teamwork.

A research shows that most of teamwork do not communicate effectively with the other member of team.  This occurs at all levels in an organization.  In order to achieve the goals, everyone needs to know how to communicate.

  1. What is the definition of “communication”? Communication is the process of transferring information from sender to receiver, in verbal  or non verbal.
  2. To create a successful (effective) teamwork, effective communication methods are necessary for team members and leader. And to achieve a successful work, a good team work needs to commit using effective communication  to each other.
  3. Rules for being a team member is communication. If you are a team member, these 6 strategies are important  to be applied:

        1.      Communicate, communicate, communicate
        2.      Don’t blame others
        3.      Support group member’s idea
        4.      No bragging
        5.      Listen actively
        6.      Get involved


    4. There are 5 keys values within a team, and every member of the teamwork must             know it. They are the following:

        1.      We are all in this together
        2.      No member is more important than another
        3.      Open, honest communication is essential
        4.      Everyone needs open access to information
        5.      We all need to focus on the team’s goal, arms and mission

   5. There are 4 types of Negative  communications which usually happen without we             realize it:

        1.      Blaming communication

        2.      Superior communication

        3.      Dishonest communication

        4.      Selective communication


Finally, we have to remember that it is possible to achieve any aim as long as all members hand in hand and respect each other.  And quoted from Harry S Truman, “it is impossible to achieve almost anything as long as you are not worried about who gets the credit”.


* Disarikan oleh Farah Dewi Novan berdasarkan presentasi Ny. Yuli Ishak pada Pertemuan Anggota DWP KBRI London 9 Mei 2008. 


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