Suara Hati Kami

Tiga tulisan di bawah ini yang ditulis oleh tiga orang anak kami harap dapat mewakili berbagai tingkat usia anak. Apa yang mereka pikir dan rasakan sebagai anak, patut Anda simak. Dengarkanlah suara hati mereka……

Fahri Fahri Santoso, 5 tahun, reception, putra semata wayang.

Aku mau Mama lebih sering main bareng sama aku, tidak hanya membaca terus atau duduk di depan komputer. Apalagi kalau mau berangkat sekolah, pagi hari Mama sudah duduk di depan komputer, tidak ada yang menemani aku sarapan.

Aku juga ingin Mama dan Bapak tidak sering memarahi aku, tidak bersuara keras, karena aku pasti sedih kalau mereka teriak. Just say nicely and I will try to understand what you want.

Mama juga harus latihan menggambar. Mama belum pernah mengajari aku gambar, gambar bebek sekalipun katanya tidak bisa, aku saja bisa. Latihan ya Mah, nanti ajarin aku.

Aku juga ingin punya adik, baby girl, tapi belum ada…. Jadi aku sekarang sayang sama adik Ratih dan adik Katrin….

akbarAkbar Arief, menjelang 12 tahun, year 7, anak pertama dari dua bersaudara

The first thing that came to my head before I even write this piece of writing is that I am different. My dad works as a diplomat meaning that we, me and my family, have to move from place to place. I think of this as an adventure, just like explorers like Chris Columbus. We go to places we haven’t been to and not familiar with and check it out. But when there are good things, there is a downside as well. I have to leave my friends, Indonesian and foreign, either to go to another country or back to Indonesia. I am not sure if I like this stuff or not, moving from place to place. Moving means leaving friends and making new ones. But leaving friends may not be that bad. Maybe…..

Being a child of a person that works in an embassy isn’t too bad. Visiting countries are fun. Jakarta is not really a place to go sightseeing. There is only a few places to go such as the monument of Monas. Places such as London are a good place to go. It has places like Big Ben and London Eye. It has the Natural History Museum and River Thames. This is one of the advantages of being a child of a diplomat. You get to visit good places for free and also get free visas. But of course, like I said, the downside of visiting so many countries is that you leave your friends that you have made. Sometimes you forget their language and may never talk to them ever again. This is sad and hurtful. It is not that I hate my dad’s job but I don’t like leaving countries and leaving my friends.

So, to close this piece of writing, I have a message for children that have a parent like mine. Don’t get hurt by you moving to other countries and leaving your friends. You can still contact them and you can make even more friends. Be calm, be cool.

ivaFedina Sutiono, menjelang 16 tahun, GCSE, anak pertama dari tiga bersaudara

OK, so I was told to write an article on the thoughts of a child, well not exactly an article, more of a piece. When I was asked to do this by my mum and her friend, I merely shrugged and agreed, I mean, seriously, how hard can writing a piece on what it feels like to be a child? Quite hard actually, I still don’t know what to write and I think I’m wasting a whole paragraph on this topic, probably, no, not probably, blatantly showing that I don’t have what it takes to write this piece; this simple, should be easily completed, piece of writing.

Well, I guess I should start at the beginning; I’m a mere fifteen, well almost sixteen, year old girl who’s just finished her GCSE’s and also near the end of my time in my beloved England. I think that like all other teenage girls I think of all the normal things that other girls think of; partying, prom, exam results, more partying, hanging out, boys, and I guess, in reference to me, I’m worried about leaving; leaving the country, leaving my friends, leaving the familiar places that feel so right to be in. Don’t you ever get that feeling? It’s as if you’ve been in one place for so long that you don’t even need to refer to a map to get around a place, you just…know.

It’s silly I guess, thinking that I’ll be able to stay in one place, longer than four years, and just stay there. Yes, I do understand that I am privileged to travel the world with many sights to see, but sometimes you just want to cuddle up somewhere with a book and just know that you’re home. Occasionally I do feel that my dad’s job has restricted me to the many things that people who live in one place all their life experience; lifelong friendships that last more than a decade, education that isn’t so muddled up, morals that are so structured because of the way the culture is, but I don’t blame my dad, he loves his job, and if I were him I wouldn’t have done any differently. A lot of things have come out from being a diplomat’s daughter though; I get to have many friends from different cultural backgrounds, I get to see many places that some people wouldn’t be able to, I get to explore different career possibilities, and on the lighter side of things, I get more holidays.

My life sounds quite depressing but its not, well not really. My parents are quite nice and in some aspects their rules are loose and in others they are quite constricting, but I guess that’s just balance, isn’t it? I wouldn’t want them to treat me in any other way, though pocket money would be nice to have, and a later curfew, and come to think of it, a later bedtime. I mean as healthy as it is to sleep at eight thirty or nine, kids half my age sleep whenever they want, but I’m pretty sure that nothing’s going to change and I’m pretty content at things being the same. I’ve got to savour this as long as I can, you know? Soon, maybe in two years or less, I’ll be going off to university and that means more responsibilities, actually studying and the prospect of getting a job is kind of daunting, but that’s life in my point of view, and what more can you want? I am technically still a child and this is an article to promote Children’s Day in Indonesia.

So, I guess that’s it; a brief insight to what someone my age thinks and feels, though it is quite random come to think of it. It’s not very structured, it doesn’t really make sense or flow, but that’s what being a child is all about; finding your way through things awkwardly, half blind and half cocky to the point that it is almost stubbornness, and I’m going to try to make it last as long as I can because face it, having a huge sleepover with all your friends is always going to be more fun than having to do some paperwork. Thoughts of a T.T.G (Typical Teenage Girl)


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